About Me

I am a Junior pursuing a History and Political Science major with a minor in Philosophy. My passion for writing has existed since I wrote my first similie at 8 years old. I began seriously writing at 9 and began a book which I still have on a hard drive that I one day hope to publish at 11. I love it and I am good at it. I don’t plan to turn it into a career. I want to be a historian and a lawyer so I am pursuing my JD and a PhD in History. I am also working on an honors undergraduate thesis on women’s perspectives of gender in pre-colonial Senegal and their perspective shift through colonialism. I look forward to writing my masters thesis and eventually my dissertation. I love writing academically and creatively. You name it I love writing it and I will write it regardless of if anyone reads it or not because I believe everyone should pursue all their dreams and passions. As a driven student with fibromyalgia, endometriosis, pelvic floor pain, and food allergies I have had to learn emotionally and physically it feeds the soul to relax and indulge your passions. I don’t care what anyone thinks all I know is how amazing I feel when I have written it!


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